We represent +1,000 songs from about 20 independent writers, composers, producers and even dj's. Below is a a non-comprehensive list of our partners.


At MiLO, we think reporting is key. At the heart of works and recordings exploitation, our reporting system is powered by Curve and offers all the comprehensive tools artists do need to manage their careers and make good decisions.


Synch is a fast evoluting industry. To face this challenge, we are constantly developping a network of music supervisors and professional agencies, each one specialized of its territory to offer the best experience possible. Here are just e little few of our partners.

Label Services

Our mission is to free artists and their creativity as much as we can. So we also offer Label Services for unsigned artists; or those who wants to remain fully indie... For those who own their master and want to kepp 100% of the decision in the creative process, for those who aim to keep 100% of their master revenues, we put distribution services at your fingertips, thanks to our partner, the Orchard.

Our Network

"Savoir faire" is nothing without "faire savoir"... So we have partners and friends in various domains like PR, digital marketing, radio plugging, A&R etc...